We take care of the planet

A path that must be continuously and consistently pursued. Every small step in this direction is an important step towards a more sustainable future. We are aware that sustainability is a significant challenge, but we are convinced that it is achievable with our commitment and that of everyone, we can achieve it.


Recycling system

Waste management

> Waste separation.
> Use of beverages in returnable containers.
> Prioritization of bulk products (cereals, bread, etc.) to reduce plastic usage.
> Battery recycling

Water conservation


> Flow reducers on faucets.
> Flow regulators in the cistern.
> New rooms with dual flush system.
> Timed faucet control in work areas.
> Drip irrigation.
> Initiation of the project to replace bathtubs with shower trays.

Electric power

Optimizing Energy Efficiency

> LED lighting (hallways, lobby, kitchen, pool bar, renovated rooms).
> Motion sensors in all common bathrooms.
> Lighting controlled by centralized timer programmer in outdoor areas and room balconies.

Energy consumption

Innovations in control

> Air conditioning: automatic climate control system in rooms (connected to the balcony door) and centralized air conditioning.
> Electricity disconnection with magnetic key in all rooms.
> Presence detectors in bathrooms of common areas.
> Photocells for lighting activation in common areas.
> Reuse of energy generated in air conditioning production for the production of hot water intended for room consumption.
> Aluminum carpentry with double glazing for good insulation of rooms and common areas.

Eco-friendly Practices

A Sustainable Environment

> Dispensers with dosing system for cleaning products.
> Separate conduit for rainwater.
Noise pollution
> Control of noise emission in bar and entertainment (shows).
Saltwater pool
> Elimination of the use of chemical chlorine in the main pool, making it more environmentally friendly and reducing the risk for people.


Sustainable Initiatives

> Staff training on recycling.
> Option to reduce towel/sheets laundering frequency based on guest preference.
> Bicycle rental service.
> Electronic billing and paper consumption reduction policy.
> Textiles: use of natural fibers.

Collaboration with local NGOs

Fostering solidarity

> Collection of bottle caps.
> Donation of furniture and textiles for reuse.